Christopher Dang's Portfolio


Hi there!


About me

I’m Chris, and I’m a UX/UI designer based in Montreal, Canada.

I majored in Industrial Design, but quickly developed a passion for all things Digital. I’ve worked in various industries from telecom, SaaS to travel & leisure. My belief is that the best designs arise when multiple teams from various disciplines & expertises come together around the user to help them solve a problem.

This interest really stems from my personal interests in experiences. I love traveling, sampling cultures and trying to get those experiences translated into how I am as a person and a designer. In my spare time, I love cooking and eating, and that love of detail in my design career translates well to my appreciation of subtleties in the foods I enjoy.



My Approach/Philosophy to Design

A good friend tells you if you have something in your teeth.

I believe at the core that good UX design is about transparency. I believe that users should understand the products they’re using and enjoy using them.

Design is democratic

The best projects I’ve worked on involved many other parties including other designers, POs, devs, BSAs, and all sorts of people. I think when people build on top of each other’s ideas that the best possible outcome happens. As designers, it’s important to realize we don’t know everything but surround ourselves with expertise that help us build the foundation for the best user experiences.

Think systematically and sustainably

Products & designs shouldn’t be developed in a vacuum. They live alongside not only users, but competing products, business needs, and socio-economic settings. As such, beyond simply thinking about user scenarios and usability studies, it’s important to think in systems. Concepts like atomic design and sustainable product growth need to be part of inception.

Just because something works, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved

A designer’s main trait is curiosity combined with a fearlessness in the face of failure. Our best lessons come through defeat and as a result, we shouldn’t be afraid of the unknown. The less we think about what we know and the more we think about what we don’t know, the better the outcomes.

Feel free to check out my work and get in touch if you’d like to talk!